Our Board

An Open Letter to ClinicNET from the Past Board President

Thank you ClinicNET Board, Staff and Clinics:

I have had the honor and pleasure to be the President of the Board of Directors of ClinicNET for the past two years.  You know how volunteers always say that they “get more than they give.”  This has really been the case for me during my term in office.  I got to work especially close with Sharon and Brooke – outstanding individuals, incredibly dedicated staff, and passionate about building and strengthening the health care safety net.  Their commitment and confidence helped us stay focused on the mission, even during what I considered very uncertain periods of time.

A wise person once said to me that what is most expected in leadership is to wake up each day with a renewed sense of hope.  ClinicNET’s leadership wakes up every day believing that we have an opportunity to move the needle to expand coverage and improve access in an effort to reduce human suffering.  The Affordable Care Act, health reform as we know it, has been at the best of times confusing this year.  At the worst, it has caused us to wonder if our clinics are adept and adaptable enough to weather very uncertain expectations.  Will we evolve and thrive within the unknowns?  ClinicNET has been a stabilizing force by providing the tools, insight, and filter we need to navigate through the layers of information we need to improve the care our clinics deliver.

I feel blessed to have had this opportunity and will carry on as an active participant.  Please let me know how I may continue to serve our diverse efforts to make Colorado a healthier and more vibrant home for everyone that chooses to live here.