About Us

Our Vision

All Coloradans engage in, and are well served by, a health care system that advances the health of individuals and their communities.

Longterm Ambitions: the outcomes we need to achieve our vision

1.  The health care safety net delivers meaningful results and value to patients, providers and communities.

2.  Health disparities are reduced and health outcomes are improved for people in need.

3.  The health care safety net and its diverse models of innovative care delivery are regarded as essential to health care access and health equity for all Coloradans.

Our Mission

To strengthen Colorado’s health care safety net for people in need by advancing health equity, health care access and innovative care delivery.

Strategies for Change: the approaches we use to achieve our mission

Overall Approach: With an inclusive and centralized voice we advance health equity, health care access and innovative care delivery through advocacy, policy, education and direct support services.

Foundational Commitment: Advocate for and inform policies, initiatives and funding that support Community Safety Net Clinics (CSNCs) and reduce barriers to care for people in need.

Operating Strategies:

1.  Inclusivity and responsiveness distinguish ClinicNET as an industry leader in improving, transforming, and advocating for the health care safety net.

2.  Bolster the ability of CSNCs to serve patients and families by advancing the use of best practices, coaching and support services.

3.  Maintain the expertise and cultivate the resources needed to sustain and grow the organization.

Organizational Values

Inclusiveness: ClinicNET fosters cooperation and strategic relationships within the community that promote the common good.
Quality: We uphold high standards in the services we provide.
Responsiveness: ClinicNET embraces innovative, creative and effective solutions to emerging opportunities on behalf of Community Safety Net Clinics (CSNCs).
Integrity: ClinicNET carries out its mission with the utmost authenticity, stewardship, consistency and transparency. We are genuine, reliable and dependable in word and deed.